Here is a list of all features LogiBot has.

Join Plugin

  • Anti-raid verification system.
  • Automatic join roles.
  • Staff logs for joins & leaves.
  • Public embed log for joins.

Vote Plugin

Also known in the past as the 'suggestions' plugin.
  • This automatically adds a yes & no reaction to all messages posted in specified channels.

Joinable Roles

  • The roles section allows you to join & leave specified roles using +role.
  • The channels section allows you to join & leave specified channels using +role.
  • The colors section allows you to choose a different color by using +color.

Giveable Roles

This allows the permission roles to give/remove the listed roles to users, this could be used to allow moderators to give a list of roles without allowing access to give all.

Points Plugin

This plugin is the points system used on Something for Everyone and is 1 point per 15 messages.
You can disallow gaining points to certain users or channels via the configuration options.

Private VC's

This plugin allows members to create temporary private channels and allows them to give access to who they would like.
The category config option is the category for the channels and the staff role is the role id which has access without being added.

VC Lobbies

This plugin is useful if you have a lot of channels on your server, it hides other channels in specified categories until you join the 'lobby' channel which then shows the other available channels. When moving from the lobby channel it then hides all other channels in the category but this can be changed by 1A3 if you'd rather keep channels visible whilst still inside the category.

Infractions / Moderation

We have multiple tools for moderation including
  • Notes
  • Muting, Kicking, Banning
  • Channel/Server Mute