Infraction Importing

Here's a guide on how to import infractions from a rowboat clone.
Moving to LogiBot from a rowboat clone? No problem, we'll get those infractions moved over in no time!

Exporting the infractions

It is recommended that you use Mozilla Firefox since it has the best performance in the exporting process (if not, any popular browser should work).
Sign into the rowboat clone's dashboard and head over to the Infraction API endpoint e.g. If you are exporting from Aperture, the URL for the endpoint would be: https://dashboard.aperturebot.science/api/guilds/**GUILD ID HERE**/infractions?page=1&limit=1000&sorted=[]&filtered=[]
Here comes the slightly boring part. You will now need to copy and paste the entire JSON response into a text editor of your choice. Then, you should increment the page= part of the url, which will give you an entire new page of infractions.
Repeat the process above by appending this new JSON response to the bottom in your text editor.
Make sure to keep the all responses within a single JSON array by confirming that there are only one set of [] brackets at the bottom and the top containing the whole array. Make sure to clean up all extra []'s. Also remember to add ,'s where appropriate so the JSON syntax stays valid.
You should increment the page number until you get an empty response.

Sending the .json file

Once you have completed creating the export file, save it as infractions.json and send it to 1A3#2128.
If all goes well and everything is valid, the import will add all of your infractions to LogiBot.